Refinement of Broad Bed & Furrow method of soybean cultivation by using Ridger


Vocational Training Under TSP

Seven day vocational Traing to Farmers and Rural Youth in different Professional topic


The main objective of Training is to change the Farmers knowledge, attitude and skills
  • Knowledge
  • The basic requirement for acquiring or altering knowledge is that information be presented clearly to the learner. They should receive and attempts to communicate an understanding of the new information. Appropriate techniques for communicating information include interactive lecture, open discussion, symposia where members of the audience are given the full opportunity to question the speaker which are analyzed by the group of participants with the direction of the trainer.

  • Skills
  • Change in the actual ability to do something usually requires guided practice with feedback about the success or failure of the practice. Many people believe that group relevant skills such as keeping a discussion on topic , can be learned through practice.

  • Attitude
  • If attitude change is desired, it is appropriate to utilize small, informal, open-ended discussion groups where the individual will not feel threatened. To the degree that these discussion groups are important or valuable to the participants, attitude changes are more likely to be lasting.

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