Refinement of Broad Bed & Furrow method of soybean cultivation by using Ridger


Vocational Training Under TSP

Seven day vocational Traing to Farmers and Rural Youth in different Professional topic

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  • Lack of  knowledge about seed drill calibration
  •  Imbalance use of fertilizer
  •  Proper  weed management techniques
  •  Heavy Incidence of Gall midge and Brown Plant hopper
  • Un availability of Improved Variety as per land situation
  • Lack  of suitable inter-culture tools


  • Proper sowing technique
  •  Imbalance use of fertilizer
  •  Management techniques of Tobacco caterpillar & Girdle beetle


  • Heavy infestation of pod borer , Pod Bug ,Plun Moth & Wilt disease
  • Un availability of Improved  short Duration Variety

Blackgram/  Greengram

  • Un availability of Improved Variety
  •  Use of poor quality seed
  •  Infestation of yellow mosaic, Aphid, Thrips.


  • Heavy Infestation of weeds
  •  Imbalance use of fertilizer
  •  Infestation of  Stem Borer,Termite & Rat
  •  Un availability of Improved Variety


  • Lack of proper plant protection
  • Heavy infestation of Weeds
  • Use of poor quality seed
  •  Infestation of pod borer Collar Rot & wilt disease
  • Poor keeping Quality

Horticultural Crops

  • Use of poor quality seed
  •  Imbalance use of fertilizer
  •  Irrigation Problem
  •  Post Harvesting Technology
  •  Low Yield

Live Stock

  • Low milk yield in cow & buffalo due to Imbalance feeding
  • Infestation of various diseases in animals.
  • Desi breed of cow and buffalo

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